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The Halfway House

Halfway House
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This is The Halfway House


  • Sickness
  • Recovery
  • A new illness to replace the old

    You may be ill or well; you may be well and believe yourself ill, or vice versa. Talk about everything.

    This is a community to deal with:

  • Addicts
  • The Eating Disordered
  • Self-harmers

    You are permitted to mention numbers of weight, calories and suchlike. You may list your goals, be it a new low weight, or a new start at recovery. You are permitted to post as much triggering material as you like. You may be depressed, optimistic, down on your luck, drunk, wasted, absolutely anything. Be yourself. Be free. Recover, or stay sick, or wobble in the middle, for as long as you need to.

    I ask you to be informed; know your exits:

    Anred.com:Information and resources on Eating Disorders
    Alcoholics Anonymous:This Web Site is created and maintained by Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc.
    Secret shame (Self-injury information and support): Because I Hurt
    National Institute on Drug Abuse: National Institute of Health

    This community is pro choice.

    Make yours.

    - Your Mod oceanicundertow