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fukcing help me!

ok so iv been labled a slag cause of a druken incident with my mates guy [theyre back together now and she still likes me] everyone else took sides and hates me...thats not really why im so down.

this eating thing is getting worse and i thought id be able to control it,but i cant!!

the most depressing thing that had kept crying since last nigth is this.

i had a little bag in my room full of stuff i never wanted my parents to see,e.g pill packets,tissues soaked in blood etc.
so i thought id go for a walk and throw it away.

i fucking put my penknife and two sharpest razors in there for safe keeping...and i only realised that night id thrown in some random bin somewhere

im sorry if i sound pathetic but its made my heart sink and i know i hadnt used them but i need them as a kind on safety blanket...just to know they're there...i dont know what to do!!

=( absinthexxx
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