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Hi i'm Emma and i'm new!
It's so good to finally find a positive site.

I don't really know what i am...ummm I have had depression for about 3 years,but i was once diagnosed with mild schizophrenia...[i think they got it wrong ??]
I haven't self harmed for about 3 weeks now...which is good.
i have attempted suicide a few time...i know attempted is pathetic.
i been to therapists and a lot of nurses,but i tend to put on a "yeah im fine" act to get away from it cause i dont want all the attention.

I'm not anorexic,i don't tend to eat and i do binge and purge quite often.
Most of the reason is because i strongly dislike myself

i know people say that going on these communitys or talking about yr problems is "attention seeking",but its not...i see it as one step closer to recovery!

umm i might be saying to much...i dont know!

just so you know im 5"6...ummm i dont know my weight,im too scared to weigh myself.
i go to the gym...i need to go more often though as i dont go enough and i want to start ballet again.

I'm happy to listen and try and help others with problems.

much love...absinthexxxx
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