now-bring me that horizon (63crybaby) wrote in thehalfwayhouse,
now-bring me that horizon

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been thinking!!

iv'e been thinking.
I can't [well can if i try ] help beng depressed...its the disease i have.

people say if i go to therapyit might get better,but personally it makes me feel worse.
i know i haven't been on here long but i think i might have to leave as i think i sound pretty pathetic writing things as it seems like i want attention.

and i dont.

i want me to myself...i dont want to be these annoying girls who role up their sleeves and show off their "chicken scartches" [im not anyway],i dnt want to be someone whos seen as a pthetic attention seeker...this is my problem and i need to deal with it.

feel free to delete my other post as i was crying over split coffee.

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